Let Me Tell You The Truth About The Korean Beauty 10-Steps Skincare Regime


Welcome to my blog, my name is Chloe, I am the Founder of Me in a minute and I am Korean.

20 years ago, not many people knew about my country. Korea got popular with IT, cars, plastic surgery then got even more popular with beauty products. Korea has one of the highest consumption of beauty product in the world, especially in skincare products. 

Like any other Asian culture, we care about our appearance a lot. In Korea, we often joke with the saying 'IF YOU ARE PRETTY, ITS FORGIVABLE'. 

Korean women frequently talk about their appearance, everything and anything, with beauty products being one of the most hot topic. More specifically we are more into skincare than make-up. If you have ever met a Korean girl, they have good skin or very knowledgeable when it comes to their skincare. Our endless efforts to be pretty have made K-Beauty today. 

"K-beauty 10-steps" is well known around the world and followed amongst a lot of people in recent years but it does not mean it is suitable for all skin types.

According to K-beauty steps, skin exfoliation is part of the routine but it does not mentioned how often you need to follow this step. You can apply your toner everyday but if you are exfoliating your skin daily, it will become sensitive which will end up being either oily or severely dehydrated.

So I would like to share my own skincare steps! Whenever I Apply Facial Sheet Mask (Me in a minute's Formula 1)

I can skip all the step in HALF!

Morning Routine

Gentle cleansing (no need to oil cleanse in the morning) -Toner- Serum - Essence - Eye cream - Emulsion - Moisturiser cream - Face oil - SPF 50+

Morning Routine with Formula 1

Gentle cleansing (no need to oil cleanse in the morning) -Toner- Formula 1- Eye cream - Moisturiser cream - Face oil - SPF 50+

Night Routine

Oil Cleansing - Foam cleansing - Exfoliation -Toner- Ampoule - Essence - Eye cream - Emulsion - Night Moisturiser - Face oil 

Night Routine with Formula 1

Oil Cleansing - Foam cleansing - Toner - Formula 1 - eye cream - Face oil 

Did you know that coconut has natural peeling functions which will remove dead skin cells! Wowser!

Skincare steps should be effective and effortless, If it's too complicated, it is hard to make a commitment. 

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