Skin Trouble often Caused by Dry Skin


Causes of Dry Skin                                                            

The best way to prevent your skin from ageing is by daily moisturising. If you care of your skin and maintain it well, you can have flawless skin.

Skin troubles are mainly caused by lack of hydration and it starts with your daily little habit. For instance, take a hot or cold shower is not helping at all, our skin love warm shower instead of excessive water temperature. Do you tend to wash your skin way too frequently or exfoliate your skin weekly basis?

You probably believe that will get rid of your dead skin cells but also natural oils as well. Our skin replaced itself once every three weeks so make sure do not exfoliates your skin way too often.

Try to minimise the usage of heaters or air-conditioners through the day, those are actually make your skin to be thirsty. If you are active person, you might exposed by direct sunlight, harsh bitter wind or swimming in chlorinated pools make your skin very dry so you may need extra care for your skin.

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as coffee or soda, smoking cigarettes are all bad for your skin. Make sure drink enough water and moisturising your skin to avoid dry skin.

Your little tiny habits can be affect your skin and this will make huge differences, If you look after yourself and treat your skin well with right products, you can prevent skin breakages, troubles and ageing. Apply moisturiser right after wash your skin and focus on daily skincare routine is the key.

Apply Me in a minute-Formula 1 three times a week, you will see the differences in a minute. 

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