Travel Kit MUST-HAVE Skincare

Guess what! Holiday season is back and It is time to packing!


Holiday packing can be exciting but also prove challenging with limited luggage allowance. How about skincare product? can you pack all your items that you normally use for your daily skincare routine? No way! you want to select MUST-HAVE essential skincare travel kit and this needs to be effective, light weight and easy to carry on / apply.

Lets have a look what you really need to take to maximise your beauty on your holiday.


This is the number one priority In-Flight 

If you are going to overseas, make sure to pack your sheet masks with you. skin cells are like fish, It needs water to live. Dehydrated skin will cause skin troubles and wrinkles, this means AGING!!! No one wants that. Remember to HYDRATE, HYDRATE and HYDRATE your skin.


Around the eyes are very delicate and it can get dried easily, when your skin moisture level is low, this is the first area that you could feel the dryness. You would normally apply an eye cream but if you can find the good eye patch, why not! because it's easy to carry 

2. SPF 30+ 

We cannot get away from UV rays. Whether you go to the beach or mountain and especially In-Flight.


Facial oil is very handy. You can apply pretty much anywhere on your body. Does not necessarily apply only to your face. When I go travel, I use my facial oil on dehydrated body parts as well as the hair.


Girls, make habit to apply lip balm anytime anywhere! Rub small amount of lip balm with your fingers and apply around the eye area right after water activities.

Toner, essence, eye-cream, hydrating cream, night cream - All these skincare products can be skipped If you take above four travel essential kit!

Now finish your packing and enjoy your holiday!


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