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About Us

Me In A Minute founder, Chloe Oh went to the cosmetics store for the first time as a teenager. She was excited at the new experience but distinctly remembers not knowing what to buy or what she needed for her skin - quite a daunting experience. 

Over the course of her teenage years, Chloe developed and refinder her skincare regime, closely monitoring trends in French, Germany and American cosmetics to ensure her skin was getting the best care possible. 

Fast forward to her thirties, Chloe noticed her skin starting to lose some of its tension, so she explored different options to reverse this. This included clinical treatments such as facial laser and Hyaluronic acid injections to revitalise her skin chells. While the treatment was effective, the effects generally didn't last long and were expensive. Chloe then decided to look for other alternatives. 

It was on a trip back to her country, South Korea, that she first started testing Korean beauty masks. She found that by using these masks 2-4 times a week, there was a noticeable difference in her skin including reduced signs of visual ageing. 

This was the pivotal turning point where Chloe decided that it was time to bring the skincare regimes of South Korea to the rest of the world by creating Me In A Minute.

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